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VoloFin is a global fintech company offering invoice financing through the next-gen IT platform built on blockchain fabric. Headquartered in Singapore, VoloFin has offices in Singapore, USA & India. VoloFin’s focus is to support SME companies by providing instant liquidity by unlocking their cash stuck in unpaid invoices through our seamless online platform. VoloFin enables companies to grow their business efficiently without worrying about the credit risk of the buyer.

VoloFin uses a highly advanced blockchain technology platform with AI capabilities that enables Exporters to self-onboard themselves onto the platform and initiate transactions in just a few clicks. The complete trade cycle is on the blockchain, making it tamper-proof and brings full transparency for all stakeholders, including suppliers, buyers, investors, insurers, etc. The platform is supported by a highly experienced team with in-depth knowledge of Banking, Trade Finance, Credit Appraisal, Operations, Technology, and Debt Management.

our mission

Our Mission

We work with a clear objective of transforming SMEs globally.

VoloFin endeavors to revolutionize SMEs lending by providing small businesses easy access to capital by combining our expertise with technology and give the investors much-needed transparency and risk mitigation to ensure the free flow of funds.

Our Values



We believe in complete transparency for all stakeholders and will always keep your interest first.



We strive to come up with innovative ideas and technology to empower SMEs and mitigate the lending worries of Investors.



VoloFin conducts its actions with the highest standards of integrity and commitment to do what’s best for our customers and Investors.



VoloFin team is committed for the success of our customers, partners, investors and shall make every effort to achieve this.

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